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Thankful in the Dirt


I was on my belly pulling myself through the sixty-four years of dust, dirt and debris in the crawl space under the house Karol and I bought to renovate and “flip,” finding yet another challenge in our project.  Somewhere between a groan and an exclamation not fit to print, I realized that it was not only a miracle this house was still standing, but the miracle that I could still be thankful even in the dirt, dangers and doubts of this new piece of “creative engineering” I discovered from some previous renovator’s work.

Part of the miracle of my being able to be thankful in the dirt, was that we just introduced this week in Sunday School the new memory verse for the month—“Be thankful in ALL circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (I Thes. 5:18- a please pardon a word or two out of place- it is from memory, after all!)  After raving to the kids about this wonderful verse, and its neighbor right next door at 5:17, how could I not find some way to embrace it the very next day while groaning under the house?

I could list the many ways I could be thankful in the face of this new challenge, but that list would be far too long for this brief note.  Topping the list though, would be my thankfulness for God’s bringing this verse to mind literally the day before I needed it so much, and the blessings of the spiritual discipline of living with and delving into the scriptures on a regular basis, so that, without thinking about it, God’s calling and spiritual power through this verse was in my face when I needed it in the dirt and mess of real life.

When we work with our Little Ones in our own homes, or those whom we are blessed to teach and reach outside of our homes to learn their memory verses and see how to apply them in THEIR lives, those same nuggets of spiritual wisdom, and the same process of growing in our relationship with Jesus, creeps into our lives as well.  This is true both when we are in church and in our spiritual conversations, or when we find ourselves crawling in the dirt—literally or figuratively!  And isn’t that when we need Jesus most?

Choosing to be thankful—Rev. Jim


James R. Lewis, PhD-- 

with (almost!) daily spiritual fitness and resilience supplements

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